I am Coach Alex Montenegro. I am an energy healing therapist, antistress couch, artistic painter and musician.
In my therapeutic practices, I mostly relies on the following traditions:
KACHUNA: An ancient Polynesian/ Hawaian healing system. I heal by restoring the body's energy potential and harmonizing it energetically and do it through massage, dance and body work- a holistic work with the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

The second system is MANTRA MEDITATION. It is based on an ancient India spiritual tradition, which supports healing with energy of sound or mantras. I can uplift your energy potential and give you a precize instructions how to change your vibration to a higher one as well as guide you to heal your anxietys, fears and I can do it remotely by transmitting the powerful healing energy to you and so much more.
I conduct on-line or phone coaching sessions. You can also purchase my video courses or invite me to lead an educational workshop with practice in your home town/city.

Call me: +4850114477; SKYPE: Alex Montenegro, Tantow; e-mail: monte.sun.fun@gmail.com

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